Development of Apps

All round web developers with broad knowledge and experience in frontend and backend.

App developers for iOS and Android devices in their native languages and multiplatform frameworks. Integration with devices such as gadgets, infontainment car systems, media centers.

Development of webservices, APIs and database integration.

  • Java, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, C#, Shell, T-SQL, VBA, VBScript, XSLT.
  • CMS (WordPress, PrestaShop, Moodle,...), CSS, jQuery, JSON, XML.
  • MySQL, Maria DB, Oracle, MS SQL Server.
  • Eclipse, Android Studio, Flutter.


Multimedia Production

Having a multimedia editor can free up your time and optimise your content.

We care about your camera footage, dialogue, sound effects and graphics to create a high quality media product with a keen eye for detail.
bussiness promos, corporate training videos, online streamer, drone media,...

We guide you on your live streaming setups.

  • Adobe Premiere/Final Cut/Photoshop, GIMP, OpenShot.
  • Audacity, Ardour, ACID Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio.
  •, Biteable, Thinkific, OBS Studio, Twitch setups.


Audio Experiences

It all started with the music, it's our roots.

With our +30 years background, we bring music assistance for events, venues, special spots, radio environment, advertising,...

Plus, we have some content creators and live performance profiles:

the broken faces dj duo, selectors                            
midge cook mashup, bootleg, remixes            
tj. phil.x. dj ยท club, disco, radio, events                        
felix dosa live radio, podcast show